Amblyopia in adult – the new method

amblyopia- lazy-eye -adultAmblyopia (“lazy eye”) is a visual system condition. This condition limits the transmission of an information of one or both eyes to the brain. The main consequences are a loss of visual acuity and a lack of perception of depths and depth (3-dimensional vision).
There is many potential causes of amblyopia ; it can be organic (caused by eye injury) or functional (caused by strabismus or high difference in visual acuity between the two eyes).
Today, 2-3% of the world population suffers from amblyopia. More information on wikipedia.

The latest researches on amblyopia in adults

Until recently, brain plasticity in adults was considered insufficient to treat amblyopia. The treatment was poorly effective: the functional amblyopia (the majority of amblyopias) was deemed incurable after the age of 8 years.

These last years, numerous clinical and scientific studies have been published on the subject. These studies have demonstrated improvements in spatial vision and visual acuity through exercises that require “collaboration” in both eyes. Positive results were observed in the majority of patients with functional amblyopia, all adults over 20 years.

App tetris amblyopie

These exercises consist in displaying a distinct image to each eye, one hour a day for five weeks, in the form of video games. The combination of the two images permits to play; this way, the game activates the reception by the brain of the amblyopic eye signal.
The main benefits after these clinical studies include:

  • visual acuity,
  • perception of space,
  • the decrease in the “suppression” of the vision of the amblyopic eye

The dichoptic training

Duovision now offers dichoptic vision based games; each eye sees a separate version of the screen, and only the coordination of the two eyes allows progress in the game.
The equipment needed :