Binocular (3D) vision / depth perception test online

Warning  : this test is not a substitute of a diagnosis made by a health professional, such as your ophthalmologist.

You can do this simple online diagnostic to assess your binocular vision (or “stereoscopic vision” which allows 3D vision, or “depth perception” ). This will give you an indicator of your vision in 3 dimensions.


1st test : Hold a finger half way between your eyes and the screen (about 20 cm from your eyes), with the orange in the background. Look at the orange. You should see your finger twice (slightly transparent), like on the picture below.


2nd test: Hold your finger at the same position as before, keeping the orange in the background. Fix your gaze on your finger. You should see two oranges, slightly transparent, like the illustration below.



If you see what is on the two previous illustrations, ie twice your finger or orange, slightly transparent, you are probably able to see the landforms and depths (in three dimensions).

It is possible that you have a vision problem of depth / 3D vision if:

  • you see more clearly a finger / orange on one side than the other. This is could corresponds to amblyopia. In this case, the brain suppress partially of totally the signal sent by one or both eyes. See the amblyopia page on WIkipedia.
  • you see only one finger / orange where you should see two
  • a finger / an orange is larger (e) the other
  • a finger / an orange appears and disappears

In these cases, please consult a specialist such as your ophthalmologist, who will diagnose and propose you the adapted treatment.

A new process in the research against amblyopia

Poor binocular vision is often due to amblyopia or “lazy eye”, which affects between 2% and 3% of the population.

In the case of a functional amblyopia (not caused by an organic lesion) and without a strabism, your ophthalmologist or optometrist may recommend the use of a dichoptic vision tool, as used in research against amblyopia

The free Duovision application. used with anaglyph glasses (3D glasses, red and blue, available for example at Amazon), provides some dichoptic vision games.