The clinical studies about amblyopia

There are several studies about the vision stimulation using dichoptic processes, all conclude similarly to an overall improvement in visual acuity and in contrast perception. Each study has its own protocol (duration, tools …).

You can find a summary in the study “Behavioral Training as New Treatment for Adult Amblyopia: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review” on the Investigation Ophtalmology and Visual Science journal.


The Duovision app : a related study

Here are the details of Dichoptic training enables the adult amblyopic brain to learn published by Current biology.

Study protocol

Researchers from McGill University in Canada led a study on 18 adults aged over 20 years. The experiment involved a five weeks treatment, with one hour of activity a day.

Half of these adults have played Tetris with a mask over their “strong” eye, the other half played in a “dichoptic” (each eye sees a separate image). For the latter, an eye see the bricks of the game falling, the other bricks to the ground. In this way, the amblyopic eye was forced to work in order to play.
After two weeks, the participants of the 1st group (those who played with a mask on the eye “strong”) have adopted the experience of the second group.




For studies conducted by McGill University in Canada, individuals in both groups experienced an improvement in their visual acuity after the two first weeks. The improvement in acuity for the people in the second group (who played how dichoptic”) was four times higher.
Similarly, the people of the first group passed to processing on the video game have all seen their performance improve significantly: whether visual acuity, binocular vision and contrast perception.

The study notes that the observed improvements were still present after three months without playing.

Below, the results in terms of visual acuity, sensitivity to stereo vision, and perception of contrast the eye (source: currentbiology). In red the results of the first group, in green those in the second.


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The results observed are the following :

– an increase in visual acuity
– an increase of stereo sensitivity
– an improvement in contrast perception
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