The lazy eye (amblyopia) treatment

traitement-amblyopieAmblyopia, often referred as “lazy eye” results in a reduction in depth vision (3D vision). You can assess your perception of depths with a simple test online.

Until recently, the only known treatment for amblyopia was the occlusion of the “valid” eye  (patch placed on the valid eye several hours per day) to force the lazy eye to work . If the results of such a method are good before the age of 6, its efficiency is limited for amblyopia in adults.

New treatment for re-education of the lazy eye

The new treatment method is based on the fact that each eye sees a different image. The amblyopic eye works in coordination with the “valid” eye, playing a video game. To play, each eye must send information to the brain, and this forces the amblyopic eye to work.

This method has produced spectacular results as a many scientific studies reveal.

App tetris amblyopia

Our games

Duovision plans to develop a wide range of games in order to replicate the principle of “dichoptic” vision ( a distinct image sent to each eye), as used in the recent clinical studies. The application will be available for free ; using this method will not cost you anything if you already have anaglyph glasses (less than 5 €).


The equipment :

– Your tablet or smartphone: the device you use to play and interact with the game

Anaglyph glasses: 3D glasses now the cheapest in the market, they allow you to play with contrasts and to see a separate image to your right eye and left eye.

– The Duovision application